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‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Today was filled with really really simple, but really really delicious food. I love it when that happens!

Before getting to the food, though, I started my day with an awesome 7.75 mile run with my running buddy. It was pretty hilly, and we managed a ~10 min/mile pace during the run. I love going on long-ish runs during the week; it’s almost like there’s more sense of accomplishment :)

My breakfast was a pretty standard yogurt mess (for some reason, even though it’s getting colder here, I’ve been craving yogurt and fruit lately) with apple, banana, orange, flax, and TJ’s Blueberry Muesli. I jazzed it up a bit this morning, though, with the addition of some pomegranate arils.

Inspired by all the POM love seen around the blogworld, I used Caitlin’s guide to opening a pomegranate, and have been enjoying the arils ever since. Yum – they add such a juicy crunch to yogurt, etc!

One other thing they’re (POM) wonderful on is salads! I’ve been eating pretty crappy lately, so I’m really trying to eat better (easing up on the carbs and fat, and eating more veggies and fruit). I’m not a huge fan of salads that I make at home, but a glance into my fridge showed that I had some pretty fun ingredients to make an awesome (and not boring!) salad.

I started by roasting half a bunch of asparagus (that my mom gave me) at 400 degrees (with some olive oil, S&P) until they were nice and roasted. I chopped up a few clementines (one of my favorite “Christmas” foods), used about a quarter of a can of garbanzo beans, and put it all over a mix of spinach, arugula and baby greens (or so says the TJs bag…). Topped off with some pomegranate arils, and a sprinkle each of grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, and agave, this salad was amazing.

I had a piece of Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan alongside it, and then a piece of Dark Chocolate with Almonds for dessert – what an awesome lunch!

I tried really hard to be “good” at Great Harvest today – I “had” to try one of their new chocolate cherry muffins, and some Naturally Nutty Butter Toffee Peanut Butter (we sell it, and I’ve been wanting to try it for so long!), but it was nothing like the carb-fest that I usually have there. I’m trying my best to only have one “treat” a day at work. None of this eating every single end off the bread board…It’s almost Christmas, and I want to be able to enjoy the holidays, not worry about my weight!

Dinner was possibly not the healthiest of choices, but it sure was delicious. I’ve seen a bunch of these “leftover sandwiches” popping up, and I’d like to share my own:

  • Great Harvest Michigan Herb bread
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing
  • Green bean casserole
  • Turkey

Yum! I’m going to be sad when my leftovers are gone…

I also had some carrots on the side. I love raw carrots, but hate cooked. True facts – I prefer the raw form of most veggies; there’s just something about mushy vegetables that’s a complete turnoff for me!

For dessert (while watching The Biggest Loser!) I brought back my wonderful "yogurt love" dessert.

Basically, it’s just vanilla Greek yogurt, PB&Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams and Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies. All mixed together to create the most satisfying dessert ever. YUMMY!

Also, here’s a few pictures of the Christmas decorations I’ve put up :) I hope to get a few more over the next couple of days, but I’m actually pretty pleased. I love Christmas, and have been listening to Christmas music pretty much nonstop to get in the mood!

It’s not much, but it’s amazing what a difference a few decorations make…I love looking up at my shelf!

Happy December…


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The evening run that almost wasn’t

First things first – Phillies! NLCS Champs! Hooray! (So sad I couldn’t/can’t be there :( )

Why is it so hard to motivate myself to run? I got home from work today at four, with nothing to do the rest of the night, and even so, the thought of going out to run was so daunting. I sat there, thinking about it for about an hour, doing nothing else.

Finally, I decided to make dinner before I went, so I would have something to look forward to when I was finished. I mapped a different route to run for a little change of scenery, and even “let” myself run with music, all so I would actually get out there an run.

Of course, the run was fine; enjoyable even. It’s always fine once I get out there, but man is it difficult to start. I ended up running just about 5 miles in 45 minutes even. Not too bad.

For dinner I made something that is probably my new favorite recipe. All credit goes to Tina, though I did make a few changes to her Artichoke Stuffed Peppers.

I used a bag of Trader Joe’s Frozen Organic Brown Rice

(which is so easy to make – just throw it in the microwave or heat it on the stove – and tastes delicious), half a jar of marinated artichoke hearts and the liquid, and I didn’t use parsley or lemon, because I didn’t have any. I also only used 3 peppers.

The biggest change I made was using Trader Joe’s Crumbled Goat Cheese instead of parmesan. I’m on a quest to like goat cheese – until now, I haven’t been such a big fan. But this recipe could change my mind for good – it is delicious.

I ate my pepper with half a honeycrisp that I had left over from “lunch” (more bread, ugh. I can’t wait until I’ve lost the taste for everything we have, but honestly, would you turn down “Asiago Pesto” bread?? It’s so soft and delicious!).

I also had apple cider because I can’t not drink it during fall.

Now I’m off to watch the Angels hopefully beat the Yankees – I have a bet going with my brother, and I don’t want to lose! C’mon Angels!!

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Waxing Poetic

A few days ago, I made these muffins:

I used Megan’s Healthy Banana Walnut Bread recipe, but I figured my lazy brother would eat them if they weren’t in bread form (spoilers: I’ve eaten most of them myself). They’ve been a big part of my food life recently – they’re delicious. For instance, I had them alongside a glass of my favorite:

I think my favorite part of the muffins is the fact that I didn’t mash my banana that well, so I get nice big chunks of banana throughout:

I also had one for an afternoon snack today, and I might have snuck one into my dessert tonight as well:

So what’s in it? Allow me to explain. After finishing Cooking for Mr. Latte today (which made me want to go out to a specialty grocery store and buy it out…), I wanted something decadent for dessert. Ideally, I would bake something chocolately, but I’m lacking cocoa powder and everything I searched for came back to it. So then I went to my other (current) favorite flavor profile – maple syrup/cinnamon. I debated making Maypole Maple Raw Ice Cream, but I’m also feeling the need for some protein, so I turned to my bff, Greek yogurt. Specifically, Trader Joe’s Organic Greek Style Yogurt (vanilla because that’s all I had). 

I then copied the model of my favorite dessert ever, but with a twist. Enter Peanut Butter & Co’s Mighty Maple.

I think I might have mentioned it before, but Peanut Butter & Co’s peanut butters are my favorite things ever. Namely, the Dark Chocolate Dreams variety. I have taken down many a jars of it – my favorite way to eat it is straight out of the jar (terrible, I know, but I really can’t help it).

This was my first time trying Mighty Maple, though, and it does not disappoint. The maple flavor is prominent and delicious – I can’t wait to use this in oatmeal!

Anyway, I microwaved about a tablespoon for 30 seconds, added the yogurt, stirred it to make a mousse, and then crumbled a muffin on top. Decadent? Definitely. A little too rich? Maybe. I think next time, I’ll use regular Greek yogurt instead – I think I’m about to go into a crazy sugar coma :)

(And yes, this certainly doesn’t look much like getting back on track, but to me, eating regular meals that are relatively healthy and not crazily snacking in between is most important, and this I’m sticking to. Also, dessert is important in my life.)

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