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Spoils of Work

In my past three days of work, I have amassed:

  • One large container of lentil soup
  • One loaf “Woodstock” bread
  • One loaf “Asiago Pesto” bread
  • One loaf "Extreme Cinnamon” bread (my brother ate this one!)
  • Two Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies
  • One Oatmeal Raisin cookie (um. I ate this right quick)
  • One Chocolate Bliss cookie
  • One Double Chocolate muffin
  • One Lemon Poppyseed muffin
  • One Cherry Walnut scone
  • Three Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies

And that’s not even counting the slices of bread that are forced upon me I try as part of my job accidentally make their way into my mouth during the day. *Sigh*. Actually, at work, I’m not eating nearly as much as I imagined I would be. It’s hard to slice for yourself when there’s six expectant people at the bread board, and we’re only allowed to “chew” in the back anyway. But I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of this! Luckily it freezes well…

Aside from that slight negative, working at Great Harvest is going really well. It’s a lot more challenging than I expected – there’s so much to have to remember! But everyone is so nice there, and the advantage of being new is that I get a lot of leeway with everything. Hopefully I can learn it all before the new-ness wears off!

It’s also so wonderful to be working somewhere that cares so much about what they are producing. Everyone is so proud of the products that are being sold, and they well should be. Everything is all natural, there are no preservatives, and even the flour is milled in the store – all the flour that’s used is no more than 4 days old! I have no problem being excited to tell customers about the bread, because it is exciting.

Alright, enough about work.

In other news, I registered for another Half-Marathon, the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Part of me is like, “Wtf, self?” And the other part is really excited, so. At least I break even :)

Tomorrow, I’m running the Big House Big Heart 10k. It finishes on the 50 yard line of the University of Michigan Stadium, something I’m sure many people are excited about. A college (or any, really) football fan I am not, so I really could care less. However, this is my first 10k since my first running experience ever, Thanksgiving of last year, so I’m excited to see how I’ve improved over the past (almost) year :)

Wish me luck…!


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A Day of Celebration

Today has certainly been a day of celebration, at least for me. It’s been a rough month (moving and acclimating to a new place isn’t exactly easy), but finally, as we slide into October, things seem to be looking up! And that brings me to my first point of celebration:

It’s the last day of September!

I’ve never been a huge fan of September, but in recent years (read: about the time I started college in 2005), it’s been a particularly rough month for me. I can remember freshman year the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day was really popular, and man could I relate to it (I had a really tough first year of college). With the exception of 2006, when I spent September in London, I haven’t been such a fan.

This September has been a month of transition. Moving to a completely new city where I didn’t know anyone but my brother, and had absolutely no plans or job prospects whatsoever was scary, but as we move into October, I’ve definitely made great strides in all the above:

  • Ann Arbor, while not yet “home”, has so many things to offer (an awesome Farmers Market, tons of local shops, a great running store and community), and I’m definitely enjoying making it home, no matter how temporary.
  • My running buddy has turned into an honest-to-goodness friend, and she’s helping me meet other people in Ann Arbor as well :)
  • The cause for my Second Celebration…a job!

Yes, that’s right. As I hinted at yesterday, I had something big coming up today, and it was training for my new job :) Which is – working customer service at our local Great Harvest (yes, the same type of place Kath’s husband works at). It might not be the most prolific job, but I think it’s perfect for me at this stage in my life. It’s hard to find work right now, especially in a college town, with only a B.A. and not so much work experience. And I (not so) mentally proclaimed this year to be more of a “self-exploration” year anyway, and working in a bakery-type place is something I’ve always wanted to do.

It seems like it’s going to be so much fun, if I can memorize everything I need to memorize! The change every day, and we need to know not only what breads are available on what days, but what the ingredients to each bread is as well (we’re expected to behave as “bread experts”). Luckily, everything is made from scratch, so there aren’t many ingredients to have to remember. There’s also a major job perk (that could be a major downfall for me) – we’re allowed free bread! We’re expected to be knowledgeable, so we should try everything, and are also allowed to take home loaves at the end of the day! Check out my “first day” swag:

I celebrated my first day of work by testing out the product with an amazing sandwich. I knew I had bacon at home, and I ran to the store to get some cheddar and apples.

Add to that sandwich some Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato chips and a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, and you have a pretty good celebration, methinks.

During dessert came my third thing to celebrate:

A few days ago, Rose (prompted by a post by Andrea) posted about what “slices of life” are portrayed in the background of blog photos. And what slice of life does the background of my dessert show? The Phillies clinching the National League East for the third year in a row!

I have to admit, I wish I were in Philly right now to celebrate properly, but I’m doing my best on my lonesome with some more pumpkin ale (from Delaware…close enough), my Jayson Werth shirt, and my Phillies wall :)

For what it’s worth, the brownie was fantastic – it sort of had a crunch to it (due to the whole wheat flour?), and so gooey and chocolately. I’m glad I have another half to enjoy (today was the last day for them at the store, unfortunately)!

So, Happy October, everyone. I’m certainly looking forward to it, what about you? Is October a cause for celebration for others as well?

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