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“Running” Errands

Today is quite drippy and dreary. It’s just above freezing, so the little bit of snow and ice we had accumulated is melting and turning into a lovely slush.

I was supposed to do a longer run with my running buddy today, but she cancelled on me last minute, due to how icy and yucky it is outside. Instead of being disappointed and blowing off running altogether, I decided to go on a slightly shorter run (about 4 miles), and deposit some money at the same time (as I had a route mapped out that runs right by my bank).

The run was actually really really nice! It’s amazing what a couple of degrees, and lack of wind, does – I actually felt quite warm the entire time. It was icy, but I actually kind of enjoyed that, as it forced me to slow down a bit, and really concentrate on the run, and really just relax a little. I ran a pace of about 10 min/mile, which I would normally be a bit disappointed with for a run of that distance, but I’d much rather run slowly, and not slip and fall (which has become my biggest fear).

After running, and inspired by Tina’s Starbucks breakfast, I decided to make myself a breakfast sandwich. I used an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin as the base, gruyere for my cheese, egg whites mixed with shallots, green pepper and a mix of greens, and a slice of Canadian bacon.

I picked some up at the store the other day, and I’m really liking it! I used it in place of pancetta in my ultimate comfort food (which I was sure I did a post on, but I will have to later – here’s a picture for now), and it worked perfectly.

I made a sort of messy omelet out of my eggs,

and then sort of mashed it all together to be able to pile it on the sandwich.

I ate it with some ketchup

and some apples.

On the plate for the rest of the day, I have no idea! I was going to go shopping, but I think I’ll wait ‘til tomorrow. Due to the weather, and the fact that it’s a Sunday not far before Christmas, I can imagine only hellish results. So, I don’t know. We shall see :)


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