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Vegan for a Day

Today I unofficially participated in the Blogger Vegan 4 a Day challenge. I forgot about the challenge until mid-breakfast (when I usually read blogs :), and since the only thing that I had consumed that could potentially be non-vegan was the honey in my Justin’s Honey Almond Butter (if I’m not mistaken, there’s a debate on whether or not honey is vegan or not…), so I decided to partake.

After a 5-mile run, I had the normal pumpkin oats with the aforementioned nut butter. Pumpkin, oats, maple syrup, cinnamon, Unsweentened Vanilla Almond Breeze, all of which I believe is vegan.

Snack today was Perk Up Your Trek Mix after I did some ab work (see yesterday’s workout minus the lifting). I’m pretty sure the mix is vegan (dried cranberries, almonds, pecans, chocolate-covered espresso beans, dried golden raisins), though I’m not quite sure about the ingredients in the chocolate, such as “confectioners glaze”…

Lunch was something I haven’t had in so long – a veggie burger sandwich! I had a Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burger (probably my favorite prepared veggie burger out there) on a TJ’s Whole Wheat Bagel, topped with spinach and TJ’s Chipotle Hummus (still loving it – I actually bought a new container today :). I also had a honeycrisp apple.

In the vegan spirit of the day, I decided to try a recipe I’ve been eyeing for awhile, Averie’s Raw Vegan Chocolate Donut Holes.

I just don’t know – they turned out correctly, but there’s just something off-putting about flax like that for me. Kinda really disappointing, actually, as I was looking forward to them :( Nothing to do with Averie’s recipe, just my own taste buds.

For dinner, I decided to crack open the most awesome of cookbooks, Veganomicon, which I don’t use nearly enough as I should (though I do use the introduction – its worth buying the book for alone!), and make something I’ve seen all over the place, Snobby Joes.

Wow did they deliver :)

I didn’t eat them as a sandwich, but rather with some Trader Joe’s Mini Whole Wheat Pita. I made little mini pita pockets :)

I started with leftover green beans, but quickly realized they weren’t vegan (see my note below) so I went without a side dish.

However, after my not-so-good day (all personal reasons), and failed Donut Holes, I made a batch of Super-Charge Me Cookies to make myself feel better (these are still my most favorite of all cookies ever), which I make with cranberries, dark chocolate and chunky peanut butter.

My oven sucks, so these are a bit burnt :( They are still delicious, though, I had 1, 2, 3 , 5 (I put the rest in the freezer – I just can’t resist them!!) :D

It wasn’t difficult to eat vegan, per se, but I did forget to actually check a lot of things before I ate them, like my Green and Black’s Chocolate (I had an unpictured square after lunch), which, surprisingly (to me) was vegan; also the hummus, the trail mix, and the mini-pitas I got at Trader Joe’s. I was not in as full of a vegan mindset as I should have been, so I wasn’t thinking so hard about what was vegan or not.

I didn’t enjoy my food any less (on the contrary, the Snobby Joe recipe is just as amazing as promised, and I will be making it many many times in the future, and I do like vegan baked goods, such as SCM cookies; it was just something about the donut holes that I didn’t really like), and I didn’t miss anything, but again, it was only a day. I think I would really miss milk and cheese (and yogurt!) after, oh, a week or so.  I also am unsure as to whether a lot of the “little ingredients” in things are vegan or not.

Surprisingly, a lot of what I eat on a regular basis *is* vegan, or could easily be made vegan, but that being said, at this point in my life, I think a vegan diet would be too restrictive for me. I do enjoy eating vegan every once and awhile, though :)

Side Note: There’s butter in my green beans, I just remembered :( I put them back away when I remembered, but not after a bite. That further proves I could never really be vegan – I just don’t think I would be very conscientious about it.


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