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“Running” Errands

Today is quite drippy and dreary. It’s just above freezing, so the little bit of snow and ice we had accumulated is melting and turning into a lovely slush.

I was supposed to do a longer run with my running buddy today, but she cancelled on me last minute, due to how icy and yucky it is outside. Instead of being disappointed and blowing off running altogether, I decided to go on a slightly shorter run (about 4 miles), and deposit some money at the same time (as I had a route mapped out that runs right by my bank).

The run was actually really really nice! It’s amazing what a couple of degrees, and lack of wind, does – I actually felt quite warm the entire time. It was icy, but I actually kind of enjoyed that, as it forced me to slow down a bit, and really concentrate on the run, and really just relax a little. I ran a pace of about 10 min/mile, which I would normally be a bit disappointed with for a run of that distance, but I’d much rather run slowly, and not slip and fall (which has become my biggest fear).

After running, and inspired by Tina’s Starbucks breakfast, I decided to make myself a breakfast sandwich. I used an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin as the base, gruyere for my cheese, egg whites mixed with shallots, green pepper and a mix of greens, and a slice of Canadian bacon.

I picked some up at the store the other day, and I’m really liking it! I used it in place of pancetta in my ultimate comfort food (which I was sure I did a post on, but I will have to later – here’s a picture for now), and it worked perfectly.

I made a sort of messy omelet out of my eggs,

and then sort of mashed it all together to be able to pile it on the sandwich.

I ate it with some ketchup

and some apples.

On the plate for the rest of the day, I have no idea! I was going to go shopping, but I think I’ll wait ‘til tomorrow. Due to the weather, and the fact that it’s a Sunday not far before Christmas, I can imagine only hellish results. So, I don’t know. We shall see :)


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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well, I wanted a Michigan winter, and I seem to have gotten it…Mind, there aren’t the heaps of snow (it seems we’ll leave that to Iowa right now), but it is cold. Supposedly, right now it’s 11 degrees F, and feels like –6. Lovely.

And because I’m apparently sadistic, I decided to go for a run today. In my defense, I wanted to sort of test my limits, see what I could physically take. Remember, this is my first real winter of running, and my first winter in Michigan as well. Aside from the frigid temps and high wind, it was actually quite nice outside. The sun was shining and there was no precipitation, so I figured, why not go out and run.

The first mile was pretty bad. I could barely open my eyes because of the wind. I warmed up though, which basically just meant that my lower half was nice and warm (even my exposed ankles), and my upper half was still cold. My arms were only cold when I moved them, my back when the wind was blowing, and my face the whole time. Honestly, I half expected to come back to complete frostbite…

I was running in my non-running gear, as I did laundry today, and everything was still drying. I’m still up in the air about what I still need, however, but some sort of ski mask would be nice, as would a windproof jacket. Dear Santa…

In the eating world today, dinner was the only thing worth talking about. I made Snobby Joe’s, because they’re nice and warm and spicy and delicious.

I even froze some this time (hence the lines in it)! I need to start doing so more often.

I also made some Trader Joe’s Cornbread to go with. This is my favorite cornbread ever, which is why I made it a muffin tin. Already portioned out :) This is only half the box, leftover from the last time I made some.

Altogether now:

Carrots as well. Because I love carrots.

Dessert involves some sort of combination of the following (I’ve only eaten the clementine right now) and The Office Christmas special!

Which I’m watching buried in a blanket, because I only just now found the thermostat. Our window has ice on it :(

Happy Holiday season!

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There’s always tomorrow (for a better run!)

I’m watching the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree on TV, and it’s really making me miss New York. Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually pretty glad I’m not there anymore (life is so crowded and stressful!), but aside from the crowds of people, Christmas is definitely the best time to be in New York.

There’re markets

giant Nutcrackers

and of course, the Tree.

*Sigh*. Thanks for that little trip down memory lane…

In other Christmas news, look at the beautiful wreath I got at the Farmers’ Market today!

I’m still trying to figure out how to/where to hang it; right now it’s an (actually really pretty) decoration on my TV.

Also, it rained today. WTF Ann Arbor/Michigan?? I was all prepared for feet of snow before Thanksgiving – as of yet, there’s been nary a snowflake. Now supposedly, that’s changing tomorrow, but I’m not going to get my hopes up…

In the part of my life that doesn’t have to do with Christmas (which, honestly, is not too much right now – ‘tis the season!), my run this morning was not so fun. For one thing, it was cold, and for the first time, I really felt it, especially in my cheeks. I also managed to get lost, not once, but twice, adding around 1.5 miles to my run…Sigh. I mean, I’ve done this run before, but only once, and that was right after I had mapped it. My directions were completely wrong, and I managed to pick the wrong way at two different turns. Not fun at all. Also, my iPod died halfway through…It was just one of those runs, you know? Unfortunately, they can’t all be perfect…

My run ended up being 8.1 miles, which I did in a (little over a) 10 min/mile pace. I’ve felt so slow lately! I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, or what, but I haven’t felt very powerful while running recently…I hope it’s just all in my head.

Food today was pretty uninventive. I had the same exact breakfast and lunch from yesterday, yogurt mess

and amazing salad.

A bit boring, yes, but as I’m running a little low on cash, I’m trying to use everything in my fridge/pantry, etc. And since the salad was so amazing, I felt there was nothing wrong with eating it again :) Don’t worry – I’m all out of asparagus, now, so I’ll have to think of something else tomorrow.

Snacks throughout the day included a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar, this random trail mix my brother tossed me before I left home

and a few bites of chocolate, which apparently I have no picture of…

Dinner was something a bit different, and new to me. After all the Indian food love seen across the blogworld, for channa masala specifically, I was more than excited when I saw this frozen version at TJs.

Even better is the fact that I have naan bread on hand to go with it :D I also had a small slice of this cheese I found:

Altogether now:

Verdict? The channa masala was pretty awesome, but I feel like I could recreate it pretty easily, and pretty cheaply. The cheese was a really big disappointment, actually – I didn’t realize when I bought it that it was reduced fat, and unfortunately, cheese is one thing that I just have no tolerance for if it’s not the real thing. It was just so rubbery. Le sigh.

Time for Top Chef! G’night!

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‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Today was filled with really really simple, but really really delicious food. I love it when that happens!

Before getting to the food, though, I started my day with an awesome 7.75 mile run with my running buddy. It was pretty hilly, and we managed a ~10 min/mile pace during the run. I love going on long-ish runs during the week; it’s almost like there’s more sense of accomplishment :)

My breakfast was a pretty standard yogurt mess (for some reason, even though it’s getting colder here, I’ve been craving yogurt and fruit lately) with apple, banana, orange, flax, and TJ’s Blueberry Muesli. I jazzed it up a bit this morning, though, with the addition of some pomegranate arils.

Inspired by all the POM love seen around the blogworld, I used Caitlin’s guide to opening a pomegranate, and have been enjoying the arils ever since. Yum – they add such a juicy crunch to yogurt, etc!

One other thing they’re (POM) wonderful on is salads! I’ve been eating pretty crappy lately, so I’m really trying to eat better (easing up on the carbs and fat, and eating more veggies and fruit). I’m not a huge fan of salads that I make at home, but a glance into my fridge showed that I had some pretty fun ingredients to make an awesome (and not boring!) salad.

I started by roasting half a bunch of asparagus (that my mom gave me) at 400 degrees (with some olive oil, S&P) until they were nice and roasted. I chopped up a few clementines (one of my favorite “Christmas” foods), used about a quarter of a can of garbanzo beans, and put it all over a mix of spinach, arugula and baby greens (or so says the TJs bag…). Topped off with some pomegranate arils, and a sprinkle each of grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, and agave, this salad was amazing.

I had a piece of Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan alongside it, and then a piece of Dark Chocolate with Almonds for dessert – what an awesome lunch!

I tried really hard to be “good” at Great Harvest today – I “had” to try one of their new chocolate cherry muffins, and some Naturally Nutty Butter Toffee Peanut Butter (we sell it, and I’ve been wanting to try it for so long!), but it was nothing like the carb-fest that I usually have there. I’m trying my best to only have one “treat” a day at work. None of this eating every single end off the bread board…It’s almost Christmas, and I want to be able to enjoy the holidays, not worry about my weight!

Dinner was possibly not the healthiest of choices, but it sure was delicious. I’ve seen a bunch of these “leftover sandwiches” popping up, and I’d like to share my own:

  • Great Harvest Michigan Herb bread
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing
  • Green bean casserole
  • Turkey

Yum! I’m going to be sad when my leftovers are gone…

I also had some carrots on the side. I love raw carrots, but hate cooked. True facts – I prefer the raw form of most veggies; there’s just something about mushy vegetables that’s a complete turnoff for me!

For dessert (while watching The Biggest Loser!) I brought back my wonderful "yogurt love" dessert.

Basically, it’s just vanilla Greek yogurt, PB&Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams and Annie’s Chocolate Bunnies. All mixed together to create the most satisfying dessert ever. YUMMY!

Also, here’s a few pictures of the Christmas decorations I’ve put up :) I hope to get a few more over the next couple of days, but I’m actually pretty pleased. I love Christmas, and have been listening to Christmas music pretty much nonstop to get in the mood!

It’s not much, but it’s amazing what a difference a few decorations make…I love looking up at my shelf!

Happy December…

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Philly Fridays

I woke up on Friday and went on a nice, long 7 mile run. It went pretty slowly (I forgot how many good-sized hills were on that particular route); I finished in around 1:10 (or right around a 10 min/mile time). It felt really good to go out and sweat it up after a night of such indulgence…

At around noon-ish, we left to drive down to Philly for the day. On the drive, I ate a new bar that I got after the race.

Apparently I took no picture of the actual bar…It was pretty good, though. A little overly sweet, but it kept me full until our (unplanned) extremely late lunch.

I tore my attention away from the bar, though, when view such as this appeared :)

Truth: I live approximately half an hour away from Philly, but I don’t get into the city nearly enough. Hence the extreme excitement.

Our first stop was Macy’s, which used to be Wanamaker’s (one of, if not the, first department stores in Philadelphia). When I was younger, we used to go almost every year to see the massive light show that Wanamaker’s put on – luckily Macy’s still carries on the tradition.

We didn’t actually stop and watch the show, but I did hear some of it, and my mom snapped a few pics of me:

We then walked over to City Hall, which was hosting a Christmas Market! Unfortunately, as its only in its second year, the market was lacking a bit, but that didn’t stop us from getting an almost-family photo:

Next we walked through some of my favorite areas of the city en route to South Street.

We were headed to a new restaurant, Brauhaus Schmitz (my dad feels the need to visit every German restaurant possible…). After living in Germany for six months, I’m a little wary of German restaurants in America, but I was instantly impressed with the giant Reinheitsgebot on the wall:

I also really liked the table decorations:

As it’s after Thanksgiving, I ordered the seasonal Weissenoher Weihnachts Festbier (Christmas Party Beer!).

I enjoyed it (I love dark beers), but didn’t get much Christmas spice out of it. I ordered what I am always craving when I eat German food, a Wurstsalat

I used to eat them all the time in Germany, and have yet to find a really good replica in the states – apparently the delicate balance of light dressing, pickles, cheese, and sliced up bologna-resembling meat is really difficult. I also ordered a side of Spaetzle. With our drinks, we also were given some bread and herbed butter:

Of which I gladly partook in:

The bread was so good! Proper “dark bread” with a nice crust, and who doesn’t love butter with herbs (I think it was parsley).

Unfortunately, this was the last food we saw in a long time. Granted, the restaurant has only been open since the summer, but there was really no excuse for the service – we waited over an hour for our food, and it wasn’t even very busy.

The presentation of the food was very nice

But now, looking back on the menu description, the salad was missing the cheese and the pickles :( Though the meat and the dressing were very close to the real thing, the salad was tasty, and the spaetzle was delicious (if not a bit too buttery), the ridiculous service and salad with missing ingredients really ruined the restaurant for me (and the afternoon for all of us). I can’t in good faith recommend it, though if you’re just going for beer, I suppose it would be a good choice…

We left after lunch (/dinner), and I spent the rest of the day basically vegging and pigging out. Which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the holiday, with a bit of shopping thrown in here and there.

Tomorrow is December! I will be back with a challenge for myself, some holiday eats, and some holiday pictures :)

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Turkey Trots

Happy Thanksgiving from the great city of Philadelphia! My brother and I made the 8-hour drive yesterday, getting home just after 9:00pm. And then this morning, all (but one, sigh) of my brothers and I got up to run in the Fairmount Park 5 Mile Turkey Trot in Philly.

It was really important for me to run a race today, because last year I ran in the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race – the first race I had ever run (and the first time I really had ever seriously run before in my life).

Though I didn’t start running regularly until March, I definitely credit the 10k in Cinci as giving me the “running bug” – it was such an awesome experience to run with so many people, and the sense of accomplishment I got after finishing was amazing.

The race today was alright – it was pretty small and much less high tech than any race I’ve run in before. Instead of having chips, our times were recorded as we crossed, and we tore off part of our bibs for the finishing order.

I felt pretty crappy for most of the race, truth be told. I got a cramp, and my right heel felt unbelievably tight. 

Around mile 4, though I felt a lot better (I think this bodes well for my marathon – I’m so much more comfortable running long distances than short). I finished in 41:28, which is a lot better than I was expecting, given how bad I felt – that’s a 8:17 min/mile pace! Comparatively, last year I ran my 10k at a 9:54 min/mile pace – a pretty good improvement, I’d say :)

I think running on Thanksgiving might be my favorite new tradition. It’s so nice to accomplish something in the morning, and then be able to go home and really enjoy the Thanksgiving feast.

Speaking of which, a full recap of Thanksgiving Day eats will be recapped after they’ve been eaten :) Enjoy your day!

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Today I finally saw Julie & Julia. It was at the dollar theater (what an awesome idea! I’ve never been to a “dollar movie” before, and definitely appreciated paying only $1, as opposed to $10 or more…), which was a great incentive to go :)

I actually remember really wanting to read the book when it first came out, but for one reason or another never got around to it (I still haven’t read the book, though I believe my friend is going to lend it to me). I knew the basis of the story going into the movie, of course, and so nothing was particularly “surprising”, but I didn’t know the details about Julia’s life at all.

On the whole, I enjoyed the movie. I’m not a huge Meryl Streep fan, actually, but she impressed me a lot. Her portrayal of Julia was just so fun and happy. I want to live and enjoy life like she did (and wouldn’t mind having her cooking talent one bit). I’ve never read her book, or her cookbook (I know, what kind of a foodie am I?!), but I think I’d like to now, if only because man do those recipes look delicious!

I had planned on having the rest of my Snobby Joes for dinner, but after seeing all that butter and cream, I opted for something a bit more decadent. Using leftover gruyere, TJs Applewood Smoked Bacon, a Jonagold apple and my Great Harvest Michigan Herb bread (I don’t know why I haven’t realized the amazingness of this bread before now!), I made a ridiculously good grilled cheese sandwich.

A cut up cucumber and (can you guess??) TJs Chipotle Pepper Hummus rounded out my dinner.

Topped off with a GH Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie and some milk, my belly was more than happy :)

Flashing forward to earlier, I started my day with a ~6.5 mile run. I didn’t get back until around 11, so I made myself a “brunch"-type meal. While I showered (so bad, I know), I threw a cut-up half of a sweet potato in the oven (at 375), which I let go until I had browned some onions on the stove. To the onions, I added a chopped up chicken sausage (apple and chardonnay – yum!) and spinach. Once the spinach had wilted, I tossed in the sweet potatoes.

When that had all combined, I poured in some egg whites to create a sloppy egg mess.

Topped off with some gruyere (and later, ketchup), it was quite tasty.

Oh yeah, and I had some Michigan Herb bread, too… :D

I actually saved half of the “hash” (sans egg) for a later time – I hope I don’t forget to use it!

To round out my eats for the day, I had a few (million) SCM cookies. Oh sigh. I really shouldn’t make these, because I really can’t help but eat them :)

I also had half an apple and a piece of my pumpkin cornbread. I was a little too snacky today, I think – this usually happens when I skip breakfast like I did.

Now? I’m watching The Santa Clause on TV. I promised myself I wouldn’t get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving (I love Christmas, but feel bad for the lack of love Thanksgiving receives, especially as Christmas becomes more commercial…), but I love this movie :) I did make it until the week of Thanksgiving, so I guess it’s okay.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and happy Monday :)

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