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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Well, I wanted a Michigan winter, and I seem to have gotten it…Mind, there aren’t the heaps of snow (it seems we’ll leave that to Iowa right now), but it is cold. Supposedly, right now it’s 11 degrees F, and feels like –6. Lovely.

And because I’m apparently sadistic, I decided to go for a run today. In my defense, I wanted to sort of test my limits, see what I could physically take. Remember, this is my first real winter of running, and my first winter in Michigan as well. Aside from the frigid temps and high wind, it was actually quite nice outside. The sun was shining and there was no precipitation, so I figured, why not go out and run.

The first mile was pretty bad. I could barely open my eyes because of the wind. I warmed up though, which basically just meant that my lower half was nice and warm (even my exposed ankles), and my upper half was still cold. My arms were only cold when I moved them, my back when the wind was blowing, and my face the whole time. Honestly, I half expected to come back to complete frostbite…

I was running in my non-running gear, as I did laundry today, and everything was still drying. I’m still up in the air about what I still need, however, but some sort of ski mask would be nice, as would a windproof jacket. Dear Santa…

In the eating world today, dinner was the only thing worth talking about. I made Snobby Joe’s, because they’re nice and warm and spicy and delicious.

I even froze some this time (hence the lines in it)! I need to start doing so more often.

I also made some Trader Joe’s Cornbread to go with. This is my favorite cornbread ever, which is why I made it a muffin tin. Already portioned out :) This is only half the box, leftover from the last time I made some.

Altogether now:

Carrots as well. Because I love carrots.

Dessert involves some sort of combination of the following (I’ve only eaten the clementine right now) and The Office Christmas special!

Which I’m watching buried in a blanket, because I only just now found the thermostat. Our window has ice on it :(

Happy Holiday season!


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The Best Thing About Regular Running? The Eating!

So it’s been awhile. For which I apologize; it’s just been a series of unfortunate events, if I may. A bout of homesickness, coupled with wanting to take some time off running, and really, working in a bakery, combined to equal me as a lazy lump on the couch who was eating *way* too many carbs for my own good. Ugh. Not good at all.

Last week, though, I went to a meeting at the local running store, and ended up signing up for Team in Training, with the goal of both running the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and raising $2,200 to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can visit my page where I’ll update about this journey; it’s also where you can find the link to my TNT Site, where you are more than welcome to donate to my cause :)


Personally, I am terrified. Not so much for the marathon itself, because I am starting training in a pretty good place (although I haven’t been running as much as I would have liked – man I need to get back in shape!), and have 6 months to train. It’s going to be hard, I’m definitely not denying that, but I think I’m pretty ready to do this. However, I have no idea how I’m going to raise the money. I’ve always been bad at doing any kind of fundraising, usually putting things off until the last minute, and not doing everything that I could to succeed. But this is why I’m doing this. Being able to cross the finish line (fingers crossed!), not only having run 26.2 miles, but also knowing that I’d done at least a little to fight against the horror that is cancer.

I’m getting ready as best I can – I have my training plan on my fridge,

my site up, and I’m ready to go to the Kick-Off event this Wednesday! Let’s do this…

But anyway, I need to be in a much better mental place to do this, so I’ve begun getting myself back on track. I ran somewhere around 9 miles on Sunday, and somewhere around 4.5 today, and have been eating normally, and cooking fun food again!

Case in point: today I had pumpkin oats in a jar for breakfast

roasted vegetable soup and red peppers with hummus (the amazing Trader Joe’s Chipotle Pepper) for lunch

and made this awesome looking recipe (Pumpkin Bread Pudding) that I found via Tina’s blog for dinner. It’s really gloomy outside, so I wanted something comforting :)

I didn’t have Nature’s Pride bread, but I did have some Food for Life Ezekiel that I’m trying to get rid of. I dried it out in the oven,

made the pumpkin mixture,

and let that sit in the fridge for a couple of hours.

For the sausage, I just happened to have some Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage that I got at TJ’s yesterday.

It probably would have been better with uncooked sausage, as it would have crumbled and incorporated better (and the texture of these was more like a hot dog), but the flavor was still really good.

I think it turned out quite well :)

I paired it with my favorite green bean recipe ever – Kath’s Lemon Dijon Green Beans, using some beans that my brother had abandoned in the fridge :(

For dessert, I’m planning on making something fun – Quark! Quark is a German cheese-like product, similar to ricotta or sour cream (it’s somewhere in the middle).

My host family used to make it with milk, lemon, and this Vanilla Sugar stuff that’s used all over Germany in place of vanilla extract.

We’ll see how it turns out…

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