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Following Foodie – Columbus, OH

Today, my brother and I drove down to Columbus, OH to watch his girlfriend play at hockey game at THE Ohio State University (I find it so funny how some universities make such a big deal about the the at the beginning of the name – The Pennsylvania State University is the same way).

I’ve been to Cincinnati a million times before, but I’ve actually never been to Columbus. Using a couple (non-food) blogs for reference, I noted a few places to visit before leaving – mainly the neighborhoods Short North and German Village.

Firstly, the drive to Columbus was certainly different from the times I’ve driven down to Cinci. We traveled on quite a few two-lane highways, through a bunch of cute little towns.

A not so big secret about me – I love “rural” places and small towns (someday soon I plan to write a post about my summer vacation to Kansas), and like to fantasize about living in one.

The drive was fun, but Columbus itself was impressive. There’s something about southern Ohio that I just really like, and Columbus did not disappoint.

We started our day with a walk around the German Village. We definitely didn’t get to fully appreciate it (we had a hockey game to get to), but what we did see was so nice! We stopped for breakfast at Cup O Joe first, a nice little coffee shop with two locations in Columbus, I believe. I got a Five Grain Bagel with cream cheese, and their pumpkin latte.

The bagel wasn’t anything to write home about (it was a good bagel, but it wasn’t fantastic), but the latte sure was. They claimed it was made with fresh pumpkin, and I would believe them completely! It was so thick and even a little textured – which sounds gross, but was actually quite delicious.

We next went to the Book Loft, where I had to literally hide my money from myself.

Why, do you ask? Well, take a look at the map for the bookstore:

Yup, a map. Because the Book Loft has 32 rooms of books. And not only books – discounted books! Most have a discount of around 5%, but there were some with a 30-40 or more percent discount. I have no money for books (all my money goes to food :) right now, so I didn’t buy anything, but wow, what a place. It was a “proper” bookstore, with high shelves and windy rooms – I could have spent all day in there!

But alas, we didn’t have all day. We drove over the the campus, and were greeted first with the sight of the Horseshoe.

The game was fun – I really like hockey, and Michigan won! (? I still can’t call myself a Michigan fan, but I’m glad for my brother’s girlfriend…). Before beginning the drive back to Ann Arbor, my brother was so kind to indulge me and drive through the Short North.

If I lived in Columbus, this is where I would live! So many interesting (and local!) shops and restaurants, with really cool architecture as well.

It’s also home to the North Market, a public market in Columbus.

Inside there were quite a few interesting places to eat, but I ultimately decided to get a Vegetarian Crepe at Taste from Belgium.

My brother opted for Skyline

Verdict? Columbus = pretty awesome. I’d love to go back…And at only ~3 hours from Ann Arbor, I think I will do :)

Edited to add: Thank you so much to Mt. Victory, OH’s website for mentioning my post! I’ve now tagged the photo accordingly…and am already attempting to plan a trip back :)


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