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So, tomorrow is my Detroit Free Press (Freep!)/Flagstar Half-Marathon! And I’m so nervous… I mean, I know I’m prepared for the distance, but I definitely didn’t train for a time. Even so, I know that I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t finish right around 2 hours. I know I just need to go slower at the beginning, and keep a steady pace until the end. We shall see, I guess…

I picked up my packet today (mandatory, due to border control issues) in Detroit, and visited the Health and Fitness Expo. I came towards the end, so a lot of vendors were already gone; aside from that, I don’t really have a lot of extra cash…

I did pick up a couple of souvenirs though.

I really needed a new (BPA-free!) water bottle, and I love the design for the marathon, so, why not. I hope it will be think it’s worth remembering :)

There was decent swag in the swag bag as well:

Included: Brown rice (? but appreciated all the same), Granola, Gu Chomps (I don’t like gels, but I love chews!), “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream” (?? some sort of body cream…), Women’s Running magazine, Chocolate Cream Myoplex (I’ve been curious, so I’m excited to try this), Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (knock wood, I have nothing that needs taped right now, but still, it’s good to have), a nice bag, and my t-shirt!

I think I definitely got my carbs in today (I work in a bakery, remember!). Let’s just say I took my fair share of free sample slices of bread…For dinner I had a slice of bread, and some leftover ravioli soup, and some apple cider!

There might have been an unpictured half of a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin too… :D

Now, I’m just trying to hydrate like crazy – I’m watching a bit of the game, stretching, and hopefully going to bed! My shoes are all ready for tomorrow with their D-Tag:

And I just have to pick out what I’m wearing. It’s going to be pretty cold in the morning (and throughout the day), but it’s running, so I warm up pretty well. It’ll probably be a last minute decision tomorrow morning, between my pants and my knee-length tight shorts.

And one last aside: You know, it’s so funny – at the expo today, I almost felt like an imposter. I mean, I realize running a half-marathon is nothing to scoff at, but it’s really the Detroit Marathon tomorrow. I think it solidified my want to run the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May – I want to go to an expo knowing that I’m going the distance! I know I shouldn’t get too ahead of myself, though – we’ll see how tomorrow goes first!


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