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Getting back on track

So the past couple of days, I’ve been eating pretty poorly (and that goes even beyond Sauerkraut Balls and the likes), mostly due to job and life related stress. Yesterday, I felt pretty awful all day, which caused me to stress out even more – I don’t want to be sick (or even not feeling my best!) for my Half-Marathon on Saturday!

My biggest vices are definitely carbs and sweets – I’m a true believer that life without dessert is really just no fun at all – but usually I’m satisfied with one Super-Charge Me Cookie, a piece of dark chocolate or a bowl of yogurt and peanut butter. However, more recently it’s been two (or more!) cookies, too many M&Ms (a road trip “gift” from my aunt), and leftover pizza my brother got. *Sigh*. Yeah, pretty ridiculous.

Last night, though, I finally decided enough was enough. I felt gross, had a headache, and knew that all the months of running I’ve done to prepare for Saturday would probably be for naught if things continued on.

So, I made myself a super simple dinner, that actually turned out to be pretty delicious, and much more satisfying than all the junk I’ve been subsiding on recently. I started out baking a sweet potato (one of my absolute favorite go-to foods) in the oven on 375 for an hour. Usually, I just microwave it, but I had time, so I wanted to try the oven method – next time I think I’m going to bump up the heat a little, as I ended up having to finish it in the microwave anyway (after an hour, I was getting impatient!).

While that was cooking, I caramelized some onions on the stove in olive oil and water. When they were nice and brown, I added some garlic, kale, and baby spinach. I let it sauté a bit, and then finished it with some salt and pepper. The result? Delicious greens!

And altogether now:

I think I over-salted the greens a bit, but they were still good! I ended up eating it all together, and I think in the future I might actually just cut up the sweet potato and put it in the pan with everything else. I can imagine this being a huge go-to meal for me during the winter!

I then did something unthinkable – I watched the end of the Phillies game and then went to bed without dessert! I debated it for a few minutes, but I knew that my body needed a break from sugar in general. It turned out to be the right decision – I feel much better today.

Today is already off to a much better start. I got up to run with my new running buddy, which was pretty good – we went about 4 miles in 35 minutes (I’m trying to just do short runs this week) – although I felt pretty wrecked by the end. I showered and made myself a nice bowl of yogurt, fruit and muesli, and then did laundry.

I hope to do a little strength training, stretch, and then figure out the rest of my day – perhaps a trip to the Farmers Market is in order :)


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No coconuts today…

First of all, look what I got in the mail today!

Thanks so much, Heather! I can’t wait to try it.

This morning I woke up (and didn’t run again…man, this is painful. I have big plans for tomorrow, though…let’s hope I can stick to them!) and wasn’t all that hungry, so I resorted to my favorite easy-to-make, easy-to-eat breakfast, a green monster! I was so excited, because I wanted to test out my new blender, but my excitement dimmed a little when I realized that I left my unsweetened coconut at home! I did have blueberries, though, so I pressed on. My blender performed marvelously – with the one I was using at home (an Oster mixer with a blender attachment, which my parents got as a wedding gift…) it would take about 5 minutes to blend everything down; this one took about 30 seconds :)

And produced this (tall glass) of happiness:

Isn’t this glass fun? I believe it’s a Pilsner glass – I got a set of four from a friend for my 21st birthday (the coasters were a favor from a wedding I went to last year).

Green Monsters usually hold me over really well, but I felt a little…off…an hour or so later, so I snacked on an extremely ripe peach:

As my brother (and seemingly everyone else in Ann Arbor) were gearing up for the football game today, I decided to go and explore downtown Ann Arbor (perhaps slightly influenced by the fact that the Ann Arbor Farmers Market was taking place today). I walked all around downtown, in search of spices and coconut – I returned home with coconut, but no spices (and perhaps a tomato or two :)).

I was planning on going for a run during the game (I figured the streets would be pretty empty), but when I got home I felt really sick – I figured I was just hungry, so I put together a pretty calorie-dense meal. It turned out absolutely fantastically delicious:

Excuse the plethora of pictures – this sandwich was to-die-for. I toasted some Ezekiel bread while some of my Lancaster Canadian bacon was “frying” in a pan; when the bread was slightly toasted, I smeared one slice with some pesto I made yesterday (basil, pine nuts, lemon, garlic, olive oil – I always forget to add parmesan!). To the other side I added some Farmer’s Cheese topped with spinach and a few slices tomato. When the “bacon” was done, I threw an egg in the pan, and when that was done, I put everything together and then threw the whole sandwich into the pan so that the cheese could get all melty. Delicious.

I still didn’t feel quite right after my meal, though (really, I still don’t – kinda nauseous (though no diminished appetite!) and tired). I went to Kroger to pick up my spices (second time driving – this time completely successful!) and came home to begin to make dinner, which I’ve had the ingredients for since before I moved.

I made zucchini, potato, and scallion pancakes – I found the recipe on Foodbuzz here. I kept the recipe pretty much the same, although I fourthed (?) it – I used:

  • 1/2 a zucchini, shredded
  • ~1/3 a red potato, shredded
  • 2 “stalks” scallion, cut into 1/4 inch pieces
  • ~2 TB whole wheat flour
  • 1 small egg, beaten
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil

I threw the shredded zucchini and potato into a strainer and let it drain for awhile, then I wrung it out in a dishtowel until it was really dry. I put that into a bowl, added the scallion, flour, egg, salt and pepper, and mixed it all together. I heated some olive oil in a pan, scooped out about a third of the mixture and put it into the pan, flattening it with a spoon. When the pancake stuck together, I flipped it, and let it sit until both sides were pretty brown.

When I was finished, I had this:

Not so picturesque, but really delicious. I skipped the suggested sour cream/chive mixture (I didn’t have any chives or sour cream), but I did have Greek yogurt, which was really good with them.

I also had the rest of my kale salad on the side:

Yes, that is the German flag on my mug – it was given to me by a German family that I nannied for (in America) my senior year in high school – I ended up living with them for 2 months when I studied abroad in Germany my junior year in college.

I still feel really weird (funny how feeling sick doesn’t diminish my appetite at all, though…), so I’m going to finish up this Phillies game (thanks,!) and then go to bed. And hopefully get up for a run tomorrow…

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Finding my feet.

Tonight was what I’ve been looking forward to most in Ann Arbor – a group run sponsored by the local running store! Tonight was “ladies night” as well, so the run was free for ladies, and guys had to pay a dollar (no guys showed up tonight…). Being completely new to the area, I was a little nervous about running around (which is why I was so excited for the group run in the first place), but we were actually given little sheets of paper with the route on it. I actually paired off with someone as well, and she acted as my “guide” as well as my motivation – we kept each other at around a 9 minute/mile pace during a 5.5 mile run. It was such a nice night for running, too – I guess I have to take advantage of the nice weather while I can (ie, before it becomes freezing with 10 feet of snow on the ground!).

So, hopefully this means that I can get myself back into the running groove, which will help me get back into an eating groove as well. I actually ate breakfast this morning (shocker!), and although it was nothing special, it was just nice to get up and eat in a regular fashion (even if it wasn’t after my run).

Yup, same old same old, even to the point of having prepared it at home in Philly – it was meant to be eaten on the road, and I only ate a tiny bit, so I’m working my way through it now.

My day today was filled with tons and tons of shopping of the Ikea and Target variety. I forget how much I love Ikea – there’s so much fun stuff there, for so cheap! I got a ton of kitchen supplies, as well as a stand for the TV. Our living room is now set up…Now I just have to get my bedroom in order!

I was stupid and didn’t think to eat anything before leaving for our shopping extravaganza (well, that’s sort of a lie – I snacked on a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar on the ride there), and so all through Ikea, the only thing I could think of is the cinnamon buns there.

I had absolutely no problem demolishing one.

After we returned I worked on applying to jobs – I don’t understand how anyone ever *gets* a job! I really hope I hear from at least one of these places, even if it’s just for an interview – not hearing back at all is always so depressing. I also snacked on some of the bread I got at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, complete with honey and blueberry jam from Lancaster, PA!

I then had my running excursion (I ate my banana/PB/potassium pill beforehand), and when I got back, I was so tempted to just eat something crappy, akin to all the stuff above, but I realized that the only way to “get back on track” was just to suck it up, and I’m really happy I did – dinner was delicious (and not all that hard to prepare).

Whoops – I didn’t realize the sandwich was so hard to see! Note to self: work on food photography skills!

After seeing so much okra all around the blog world, I was ecstatic when I saw it at the farmers market! I was a little hesitant to eat it plain (the only okra I’ve ever had was the fried variety…), so I toasted it on the stove with a little olive oil and dill. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about it (the gummy inside texture took a little getting used to), but dipped in ketchup, it was actually pretty good.

My sandwich consisted of Food for Life Ezekiel Bread (I don’t know what it is, but this bread has really not been doing it for me recently. After the Low Sodium disaster, I decided to get the 7 Sprouted Grains, but it’s almost as unexciting as the previous!) spread with Laughing Cow Light Swiss, topped with spinach, and completed with a Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken patty, which I cooked on the stove. I love these patties – they’re so so flavorful, and so easy to prepare. So yeah, I guess I still used "”crutches” for dinner tonight, but I felt so much better about this one than many of the other meals I’ve been eating recently.

And tonight? Getting our living room organized! It actually looks like a real place now – tomorrow I’ll post before and after pictures. I’m really happy with it :)

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