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Fall Has Fallen

Man, ‘tis the season, or what? Two days of fall-like weather, and already I’m ready to trade in my summer wardrobe (I went fall-clothes shopping today!), switch over to oats in the morning (spoiler – I haven’t yet, but there’s an almost-empty nut butter jar in my fridge that’s just begging for an oaty companion!), and eat yummy cookies for dessert instead of yogurt-based ones (I have been *craving* a nice, large, gourmet cookie (Hope-esque :) for so many days, I just haven’t cashed in yet!).

It’s also getting increasingly hard to motivate myself to get out and run. Not only do I no longer have my half-marathon getting me out there, but it’s so cold and dark in the morning. Good thing I have my running partner to get me out there – we went on a glorious ? mile run today (I have to have her give me the route, because I have no idea where we went!) for just over an hour. I have a 10k this weekend (which should be fun – we get to finish in the Big House, Michigan Stadium and be on the Jumbotron!), and I’m seriously seriously considering signing up for a half-marathon at the end of October, the Detroit Free Press Marathon (and Half). Other than just getting an opportunity to run a half on the road, it also crosses into Canada! You even need to bring your passport to register, and be checked out with Homeland Security! Wow – I think in writing this I actually convinced myself to run it :)

So there’s that. And then there’s food. So yesterday, among my marathon cooking day, I also baked a little. Baking for me is always a win/lose thing. Sometimes I’m really able to nail it, sometimes things just don’t turn out. Yesterday was somewhere in-between. I attempted Angela’s Baked Banana Doughnuts.

They got a little flat. And a little burnt. Both things which I’ll attribute to my less-than-stellar oven. Oh well. They still taste pretty darn good :) I enjoyed one tonight with a glass of apple cider (possibly my favorite thing about fall) and a “frosting” of sorts. I had leftover Greek yogurt from dinner (yup, I had more Acorn Squash Chili), so I mixed a little glob of that with some Peanut Butter and Company Mighty Maple Peanut Butter. Someday soon I’m going to devote an entire post to PB&Co., because there’s probably not a day that goes by where I don’t eat it :)

It was delicious :)

Right now I’m watching The Biggest Loser (love it) AND watching the Phillies game (go boys!) in an attempt to not think about tomorrow – I’m starting something new that I’m really nervous about. More on that later ;) Positive thoughts would be appreciated, though!


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