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Hello world!

I like the default post title, so I think I’ll keep it, as it’s really what I would like to say anyway – Hello (blog)World! I’m relatively new here, but hopefully it won’t take long to get myself acquainted.

So, hi! My name is Jessica, and I’m 22 years old. I just graduated from New York University with a degree in German and Linguistics…perhaps not the most lucrative of majors, but fun nonetheless.

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia (hence my temporary header – I’m a huge Phillies fan!) but am moving to Ann Arbor, MI with my brother at the end of the month. That’s primarily why I created this blog – my life is about to go through a huge change (moving to a place I’ve only visited for two days before, getting a “real” job, living with my brother…), and I’d like to use this blog to document this transition, to keep myself healthy and accountable, and also to try to connect to new people in the Ann Arbor area.

I started reading food blogs at the very end of the school year, as a way to find new, healthier recipes. Before I knew it, my view of nutrition and fitness had almost completely changed, and I couldn’t be happier.

All through high school and college, I struggled with living a healthy lifestyle. I tended towards extremes – I would restrict and obsessively count calories (eating mostly processed and pre-packaged foods) and exercise every day, or I would sit around barely moving, eating what I wanted when I wanted (and sometimes when I didn’t). My senior year was a real wake-up for me – I had a new, more professional job on campus, and I wanted to feel good about myself for a change. I “discovered” the elliptical at the gym (I’ve been a swimmer all my life and always hated running), and in November I went from having never run outdoors before to doing a 10k in 30 degree weather with 10,o00 other people during the annual “Turkey Trot” in Cincinnati. I don’t know if it was the feeling of accomplishment, the fact that I finished (without walking, even!), or that great “runner’s high”, but I was hooked, and I’m happy to say yesterday I achieved a personal distance record of 9.4 miles!

My exercise habits changed early on, but it took awhile for my eating habits to catch on, which is where reading blogs came in. Through little changes over the summer, I’ve begun to focus on eating fresh, local produce, limiting meat, and eating more organically in general. I credit this all to the blog world, and through it, I’ve discovered some of my favorite foods, including Greek yogurt, kale salads, and every kind of nut butter imaginable :) I consider myself to be something of a foodie – I get a thrill out of going to grocery stores, and nothing excites me more than getting to try a new food or eat at a new restaurant. I love to cook, and am constantly looking for exciting recipes to try. I hope my actively participating in the blog world can only further my passion for all things food!

Whew! That was a little long winded, but hopefully a good introduction to who I am :) I’m heading to Lancaster, PA today to eat some Amish food and hopefully buy some fresh produce, so I’ll try for a real post tomorrow.


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