Freezer Finds

December 16, 2009 at 10:28 pm Leave a comment

I’ve heard the phrase “bottomless pit of a freezer” many times before, but it’s never before really applied to me. Possibly because for the last few years I’ve shared a freezer, and this year it’s all mine, to stuff with whatever I feel fit (if my brother ever ate here, I would be more than happy to share space, but, that’s not the case, so…). And stuff it I have

This is what happens when you are too lazy to organize steal bread from work work at a bakery that lets you have whatever you want. It’s not like I can even do anything with it! All the bread that’s in there is awkwardly shaped, so it doesn’t just “sit” nicely. Maybe I will clean it out before I go home, though, and foist some off on my family.

However, after seeing TJs Chili Lime Chicken all over Jenna’s blog (and after doing Christmas shopping all morning left me uncreative and unwilling to actually "make” anything), I recalled that I had seen some in my freezer a long time ago.

Guess what I learned while searching for them? Frozen bread HURTS when it lands on your toe :(

I was successful, though! And thus I had lunch:

I had no idea what I wanted for dinner when I came home from work. I started first with some leftover spaghetti squash and Near East Rice, but I knew that the lack of protein wouldn’t satisfy me, so I once again braved the freezer to find some frozen Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausages. No toes were harmed this time, but it’s possible that my freezer door is still not completely closed…(I’d check, but I’m too cold).

My reasonably healthy dinner was completely destroyed by both multiple handfuls of Muddy Buddies (that I made for my BROTHER. Too bad he’s NEVER HOME TO EAT THEM, so I do…), and me trying to eat my way through a bag of GH Granola…whoops :)

I should go to bed. I have 6:00am wakeup, and an 8 hour work day tomorrow…(I know, I know, wait ‘til I actually get a job and this is the norm, but in my defense, my 8 hour day will most definitely involve being on my feet the entire time, lifting heavy things, and general running around…Rough life, I know.)


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