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Or, Christmas “cookies” part 3

It’s funny – when I actually think about it, many of the cookies that my family usually makes for Christmas aren’t that at all! We have bars (Keebler Bars, Hello Dollys), savory snacks (oyster crackers, Chex Mix), sweet snacks (Pretzel “Cookies”, Muddy Buddies, Wreaths), and finally, actual cookies (Anise, Pfeffernüsse, Springerle, Sugar, Chocolate Crinkles). Yup, my family goes Christmas “cookie” crazy.

I made another “cookie” today – Chex Muddy Buddies (which I will never make in the microwave, thanks though…). My brother mentioned them after I made the oyster crackers, and I figured it would be a nice snack for him to have while studying for finals (aren’t I a great sister?). Of course, they’re also a great snack for me…I stole little handfuls all day yesterday – hopefully the fact that they’re in containers now will dissuade me a little

It’s funny – that seems like such a small amount of Muddy Buddies to me! Trufax – when I make it at home, I double the recipe (18 cups of Chex!), and make it probably 3 times throughout the holiday season. My family loves Muddy Buddies.

I *did*, however, use PB&Co Creamy Peanut Butter instead of Jif or Skippy, and they seemed to have suffered little from the switch. 

I did eat real food yesterday, too, in the form of waffles

leftover pizza

and dinner – Garlic Tahini Green Beans and Near East Garlic and Pecan Grains.

The beans couldn’t have been easier, or more delicious! I sautéed the beans in a bit of butter (yes, I admit it), and added a diced garlic clove when they were almost done. I then added probably about a tablespoon of tahini, and let them cook a little longer. After I took them off the heat, I added some toasted pine nuts, and a squirt of lemon juice. Divine!

I was trying to eat “lighter” because of my snacking throughout the day (a few oyster crackers might have been consumed as well…), but my good intentions were thwarted when I stopped over at my friend’s house to drop something off, and she invited me in for a drink and to attend part of her Department Christmas Party. No pictures, but I might have snacked on a few (million) lime-flavored tortilla chips, baked brie, and fudge.

No regrets, though, and after starting my morning with some 30 Day Shred (I’ve been doing this a couple of times a week recently – I want to build a nice strength base before I *really* start marathon training) and a nice bowl of yogurt, I feel much better :)

Now if I only didn’t have to work today…


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Cornmeal Fail Happiness Is…

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