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I woke up on Friday and went on a nice, long 7 mile run. It went pretty slowly (I forgot how many good-sized hills were on that particular route); I finished in around 1:10 (or right around a 10 min/mile time). It felt really good to go out and sweat it up after a night of such indulgence…

At around noon-ish, we left to drive down to Philly for the day. On the drive, I ate a new bar that I got after the race.

Apparently I took no picture of the actual bar…It was pretty good, though. A little overly sweet, but it kept me full until our (unplanned) extremely late lunch.

I tore my attention away from the bar, though, when view such as this appeared :)

Truth: I live approximately half an hour away from Philly, but I don’t get into the city nearly enough. Hence the extreme excitement.

Our first stop was Macy’s, which used to be Wanamaker’s (one of, if not the, first department stores in Philadelphia). When I was younger, we used to go almost every year to see the massive light show that Wanamaker’s put on – luckily Macy’s still carries on the tradition.

We didn’t actually stop and watch the show, but I did hear some of it, and my mom snapped a few pics of me:

We then walked over to City Hall, which was hosting a Christmas Market! Unfortunately, as its only in its second year, the market was lacking a bit, but that didn’t stop us from getting an almost-family photo:

Next we walked through some of my favorite areas of the city en route to South Street.

We were headed to a new restaurant, Brauhaus Schmitz (my dad feels the need to visit every German restaurant possible…). After living in Germany for six months, I’m a little wary of German restaurants in America, but I was instantly impressed with the giant Reinheitsgebot on the wall:

I also really liked the table decorations:

As it’s after Thanksgiving, I ordered the seasonal Weissenoher Weihnachts Festbier (Christmas Party Beer!).

I enjoyed it (I love dark beers), but didn’t get much Christmas spice out of it. I ordered what I am always craving when I eat German food, a Wurstsalat

I used to eat them all the time in Germany, and have yet to find a really good replica in the states – apparently the delicate balance of light dressing, pickles, cheese, and sliced up bologna-resembling meat is really difficult. I also ordered a side of Spaetzle. With our drinks, we also were given some bread and herbed butter:

Of which I gladly partook in:

The bread was so good! Proper “dark bread” with a nice crust, and who doesn’t love butter with herbs (I think it was parsley).

Unfortunately, this was the last food we saw in a long time. Granted, the restaurant has only been open since the summer, but there was really no excuse for the service – we waited over an hour for our food, and it wasn’t even very busy.

The presentation of the food was very nice

But now, looking back on the menu description, the salad was missing the cheese and the pickles :( Though the meat and the dressing were very close to the real thing, the salad was tasty, and the spaetzle was delicious (if not a bit too buttery), the ridiculous service and salad with missing ingredients really ruined the restaurant for me (and the afternoon for all of us). I can’t in good faith recommend it, though if you’re just going for beer, I suppose it would be a good choice…

We left after lunch (/dinner), and I spent the rest of the day basically vegging and pigging out. Which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the holiday, with a bit of shopping thrown in here and there.

Tomorrow is December! I will be back with a challenge for myself, some holiday eats, and some holiday pictures :)


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