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Happy Thanksgiving (Part 2)! Now that Thanksgiving is officially coming to a close, I want to give proper thanks for all the riches in my life.

I am thankful for:

My family.

They’re crazy and more than a little obnoxious (but hey, what do you expect with four boys aged 14-20?), but spending time together is always fun and hilarious.

My ability to do crazy things like run 5 miles.

I haven’t always treated my body the best (honestly, it’s something that I try to work on and am working on every day), but I really appreciate everything that it enables me to do.

My friends.

Especially those who love food as much as I do, and will go to local foods cook-offs (with giant squash prizes!) with me.

The fact that I can finally listen to Christmas music!

I hate what the holidays are turning into, and firmly believe in not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas, but only at Christmastime.

And so much more. I am truly blessed in life, and I am so thankful for everything I have :D

Most of my extended family lives in Ohio and Kentucky, and making the 8-hour drive (yup, many of the same hours my brother and I drove yesterday) with seven people in the car (or, more recently, finding space for seven people to stay outside of hotels) is something that we try to do only every other year. So this year, it was just the immediately family celebrating together.

Most of the day consisted of massive amounts of snackage in the form of the following spread:

I’m terrible when I come home for the holidays. I love eating crappy food in vast amounts. Le sigh.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was pretty standard fare, but absolutely delicious nonetheless. I was responsible for the mashed potatoes

green bean casserole (definitely a guilty pleasure and one of my favorites)

sweet potato casserole (one of the few things I don’t really like, actually)

and one of the stuffings that we had (I also stuffed the bird and brought home the rolls).

We also had cranberry sauce, which is probably my favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s also my grandmother’s recipe, and its part jell-o, part orange, and mostly sugar and ground up cranberries. So tasty!

Some more pics from our dinner:

I managed a little bit of everything:

And of course, no meal is complete without some pie!

True fact: I don’t actually really like pumpkin pie. I do, however, love pecan, and helped myself to a piece :)

And now? Thanksgiving is all but over. I think I’m going to go to bed, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up to run out all the crap I ate today :) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and have a good night!


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