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Today I finally saw Julie & Julia. It was at the dollar theater (what an awesome idea! I’ve never been to a “dollar movie” before, and definitely appreciated paying only $1, as opposed to $10 or more…), which was a great incentive to go :)

I actually remember really wanting to read the book when it first came out, but for one reason or another never got around to it (I still haven’t read the book, though I believe my friend is going to lend it to me). I knew the basis of the story going into the movie, of course, and so nothing was particularly “surprising”, but I didn’t know the details about Julia’s life at all.

On the whole, I enjoyed the movie. I’m not a huge Meryl Streep fan, actually, but she impressed me a lot. Her portrayal of Julia was just so fun and happy. I want to live and enjoy life like she did (and wouldn’t mind having her cooking talent one bit). I’ve never read her book, or her cookbook (I know, what kind of a foodie am I?!), but I think I’d like to now, if only because man do those recipes look delicious!

I had planned on having the rest of my Snobby Joes for dinner, but after seeing all that butter and cream, I opted for something a bit more decadent. Using leftover gruyere, TJs Applewood Smoked Bacon, a Jonagold apple and my Great Harvest Michigan Herb bread (I don’t know why I haven’t realized the amazingness of this bread before now!), I made a ridiculously good grilled cheese sandwich.

A cut up cucumber and (can you guess??) TJs Chipotle Pepper Hummus rounded out my dinner.

Topped off with a GH Chocolate Chip Walnut cookie and some milk, my belly was more than happy :)

Flashing forward to earlier, I started my day with a ~6.5 mile run. I didn’t get back until around 11, so I made myself a “brunch"-type meal. While I showered (so bad, I know), I threw a cut-up half of a sweet potato in the oven (at 375), which I let go until I had browned some onions on the stove. To the onions, I added a chopped up chicken sausage (apple and chardonnay – yum!) and spinach. Once the spinach had wilted, I tossed in the sweet potatoes.

When that had all combined, I poured in some egg whites to create a sloppy egg mess.

Topped off with some gruyere (and later, ketchup), it was quite tasty.

Oh yeah, and I had some Michigan Herb bread, too… :D

I actually saved half of the “hash” (sans egg) for a later time – I hope I don’t forget to use it!

To round out my eats for the day, I had a few (million) SCM cookies. Oh sigh. I really shouldn’t make these, because I really can’t help but eat them :)

I also had half an apple and a piece of my pumpkin cornbread. I was a little too snacky today, I think – this usually happens when I skip breakfast like I did.

Now? I’m watching The Santa Clause on TV. I promised myself I wouldn’t get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving (I love Christmas, but feel bad for the lack of love Thanksgiving receives, especially as Christmas becomes more commercial…), but I love this movie :) I did make it until the week of Thanksgiving, so I guess it’s okay.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and happy Monday :)


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