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Edit: My post didn’t post last night! I had issues with Windows Live Writer, so consider this dated 11/21 :)

Today was my first group run with Team in Training, and it was overall pretty uneventful. We met in Gallup Park, which is where I often run with my running buddy when we do longer runs, to do a 3-mile loop. I ran with two other women (my group seems to be all female!), and we managed a pretty nice ~8:45 min/mile pace. They’re experienced runners, which is good; it’s encouraging to know that I’ll have people to run with when the mileage starts getting up there.

On the whole, though, I admit to being a bit disappointed. Most of the people in the group (the people I ran with included) seem to be in very different places in their lives than I am, and are quite different from me. I am looking forward to getting to know them more, however.

From a fundraising perspective, I am not very far at all. Tomorrow, I plan to sit down and start on my emails and letter-writing. I’m still so scared, but my team mentor seems to be very pro-active, and ready with lots of ideas, which is good.

On a non-TNT note, I ran to and from my group run today, as today was the Michigan-Ohio State football game, and I did not at all want to be out driving in that craziness, even that early in the morning (I’m pretty sure many people started tailgating last night). My run to the site was nice; it was mostly downhill and there weren’t a ton of people out yet. Back was mostly uphill, I was tired, and I was weeding through a sea of people and passing massive parties, where people were singing along to techno versions of Hail to the Victors and Party in the USA (not simultaneously, though that would have been awesome).

Overall, I ran just shy of 9 miles today, in around 1:22. So, not too shabby (yes, I realize I’m probably running way too much for this early in the training, but I think I’m just a little overexcited to get back into it. I’m sure with the holiday season, and winter coming up soon, it’ll taper off a bit).

Food has been boring the past couple of days. The most exciting thing I made/ate was Pumpkin Cornbread, of which I ate just a little bit :)

I love cornbread of any type, but this was seasonally delicious.

I’ve also eaten TJ’s Artichoke Ravioli with pesto and Great Harvest Michigan Herb bread (it has a strong dill flavor, which I love), with a side of carrots and TJ’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus for two separate meals.

I’ve been suffering from both a lack of time, and a will to get rid of stuff in my fridge, hence the repetition.

For breakfast, I did bring back an old favorite – Greek yogurt with fruit and muesli! For some reason I was just craving it yesterday, and so I had it both yesterday and today :)

It’s been so warm here, I haven’t even felt like eating oats for breakfast, unfortunately. I like to be nice and cold to really enjoy warm oatmeal in the morning, and the weather just hasn’t delivered…

So that’s that, then. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving – my first real blogging holiday :D I’m going home, and hopefully running in a Turkey Trot of some sort, so it’ll be a day of good runs and good eats! Only 5 more days…


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