Somethings Old, Somethings New

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That basically describes every meal I’ve had today – something old paired with something new.

Breakfast was unfortunately all old – just a yogurt/fruit/muesli bowl. But it was paired with something relatively new for this month – a morning run! Inspired by my Group Run last night (5.8 miles in 50 minutes!), I bit the bullet and got up for a planned 4 mile run – and when I say planned, I mean I handwrote out a route, and then carried it with me as I ran :) Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting lost, but all’s well that ends well. I did my run in 37 minutes (perfectly acceptable, especially considering I haven’t been running at all, and I just ran last night…). After that, same old yogurt drill, except I was seriously lacking in the fruit department:

My mid-morning snack was something (relatively) new – a Cashew Cookie Larabar.

This is the first Larabar I ever tried. I wasn’t really impressed, and it was only after trying the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor that I was hooked on the bars. So I figured that I’d give this flavor another try. Eh, still not all that impressed. I just can’t really find a strong cashew flavor, and I think peanuts just work so much better in these bars.

Lunch was a pairing of something old and something new. Last night, I made a pizza, the leftovers of which were perfect for lunch today.

I think it looked a lot nicer last night:

I used Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (which I do love, but I kinda wish I added some zing, such as garlic powder, just to give it a little flavor) for the crust, as it’s been defrosting for a few days now, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. For the toppings, I caramelized some onions (Vidalia, I think, but I’m not sure). I caramelized them by first putting them in the pan with some olive oil to soften, and when they started to brown, I added water. When the water was mostly evaporated, I added more – I did this until they were caramelized to my liking. To those, I added garlic (a huge clove, chopped roughly – I love garlic!) and a half tomato, also roughly chopped. I let these all reduce down a bit while I rolled out my pizza dough. I topped the pizza with a little Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce (just because it was there), the sauce that I made, some basil leaves, and some parmesan (mozzarella just seems like it would be too heavy for the pizza). In the oven for ~15 minutes, and I had a delicious pizza, and even more delicious leftovers :)

The something old with my pizza was a…kale salad. Surprising, right?  I’ll spare you a redundant picture, but be rest assured, it looked like all the others :)

Afternoon snacks were definitely something old – Trader Joe’s Just Mango Slices and Perk Up Your Trek Mix.

These are among my favorite TJs products – I need them in my pantry at all times or I get angsty.

For dinner, I had the leftovers of my Green Beans and Couscous (something old), and something definitely new (to me): Kabocha Squash. I’ve seen this popping up here and there in the blog world, but it hasn’t popped up in my world until I saw it the other day at my local Kroger’s. I love squash-like things, so I was really excited to try it.

I followed the directions on the little tag on the squash to start, because I really didn’t know what else to do:

When I pulled it out of the oven to put on the topping, it was really soft, which I’m not such a big fan of, so I changed my plans. I cut the squash off the skin, cut it in strips, tossed it in a bowl with garlic powder and olive oil, and then put it in a very hot skillet. I admit, I blackened it a bit (I really like the “burnt” flavor – unhealthy or not), and then put it in a bowl with parmesan.

It turned out delicious. Maybe a bit too mushy (I wouldn’t cook it in water for so long next time), but it was still so good – I’d make it again in a heartbeat.

And for the “something new” finale – dessert from last night (because it was so good I can’t not share). I bought Trader Joe’s Non-Fat Plain Frozen Yogurt (Pleasantly Tart with Active Cultures) last time I was there, because I spend waay too much money on all things Pinkberry, and this was only 3.49 for 1 quart, which is less than I usually spend on a small.

Into my fro-yo I mixed in a half a banana, and a crumbled Super-Charge Me Cookie.

It might not look like much, but YUM. I actually think I prefer the fruit/fro-yo combo, but still. I think I will be making this again. Often. Perhaps even tonight…


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