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I drove for the first time today in Ann Arbor! All on my own, too! I did get a little lost, but I blame either a wrong address or bad Google maps directions (or both), and also the plethora of one way streets in Ann Arbor. But I survived. Where did I go on my excursion?

Trader Joe’s, where else? Honestly, that was one of the only things I heavily researched before deciding to move here – whether or not it had a Trader Joe’s :) I also visited Whole Foods today – me, obsessed with grocery stores and food? Of course not!

I slept in late today, almost until 9am! I didn’t run today, either – boo. I have big plans for tomorrow, though. I know that I just need to go out once to prove to myself that I can do it. The whole town’s going to be at the football game tomorrow, so I figured it would be a nice quiet run :)


Nothing at all special. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it getting colder – I can’t wait to start eating oatmeal again! (Yes, I realize I can technically eat oatmeal now, but I don’t enjoy it so much when it’s hot out, so I’ll bide my time…I’ll have plenty of winter to eat oatmeal).

Shopping took up most of the day today, buying the little incidentals that keep popping up. But the apartment is really coming together! I really really like the living room/kitchen area (probably because that’s the most set up so far). It’s really come a long way:

So that’s what took up most of the day today (that and making another kale salad). Hopefully I’ll get my room finished soon – I need more storage space though!

I ate a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar (love love love them) before our shopping excursion today, and then when we got home I had breakfast-for-lunch, because I wanted to test out a new product I got at Whole Foods!

Those are French Meadow Bakery Hemp Bagels, which I’ve been wanting to try for forever, even before my success with the French Meadow Sprouted Bagels. Yum. That’s all I have to say – they’re coated in poppy and sesame seeds, they have a nice chew to them…I think I need to try French Meadow’s bread products as well; if they’re as good as the bagels, then I’m sold.

These and their 13 grams of fiber kept me full well until dinner time. Well, that’s partially a lie – me and my brother stopped to enjoy Swirlberry (while the weather is still cooperative!).

Although this was plenty delicious, I think I like Pinkberry (and Phileo Yogurt!!) more. It was a little too sweet – one of the reasons I like Pinkberry so much is the tartness of the yogurt. This seemed way too sugary for me.

Dinner was pretty delicious. I made Gena’s Pizza Cheese, which, if you haven’t made yet, do it. Yum.

I put in a pita (which overtoasted) with spinach and cucumber. It was quite tasty. I ate it with my kale salad.

‘Twas delicious.

For dessert, I ate my “reward” from Trader Joe’s (that I bought because I made it there safely :)), Double Chocolate Cookies. With fun milk that I got at Whole Foods:

I’ve been looking for local, organic milk (in a glass bottle a plus) for so long – it’s so hard to find it in PA due to pasteurization laws. So this was an exciting find.

And now I’m watching the Phillies get rocked by the Astros – no good, boys! But before I go, have a look at this arugula, prosciutto and parmesan pizza my brother brought home:

I love arugula, and even this was too much for me…He’s currently removing all the toppings and making his own margherita pizza…


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