Welcome to the Future

September 2, 2009 at 4:40 pm Leave a comment

Has anyone else heard this song (by Brad Paisley)? It’s been stuck in my head for days now…!

Probably because that’s what my life feels like right now. I have officially moved into my new apartment in Ann Arbor, MI, and have therefore begun my new “future”. Honestly, I’m so extremely overwhelmed right now – I moved here completely on a whim, as my brother is transferring to the University of Michigan, and as of now I have no job, and know no-one except my brother and his girlfriend. Yesterday was definitely rough – I spent most of the day in tears. I miss my family and Philly (and yes, the Phillies, too :))! Today is a bit better, though – I have internet connection, which helps a lot, I’ve partially organized my room and the kitchen (oh so important).

I also visited the Ann Arbor Farmers Market which was wonderful – there were so many fun stands to explore! And it was so large, too – I think I stayed for almost an hour, just comparing all the different offerings. I bought a bunch of produce, a loaf of bread (unpictured…whoops!) and a few snacks!

The tamale was unlike any tamale I’ve had before – there was no “filling” so to speak, but the flavor really grew on me, especially with the salsa. I’m looking forward to sampling all the other tamale flavors at the market!

It was so nice to go to the farmers market. Not only did it get me out of the apartment for a little bit, but I got to walk around Ann Arbor a bit (it’s quite the cute town – I’m looking forward to exploring it further) and do what I do best – shop for groceries! My brother and I also went to a local Kroger’s for grocery staples (also unpictured in the interest of getting the kitchen cleaned up asap). Shopping with my brother was…interesting. Let’s just say his biggest contributions to the cart were EZ Mac and Tombstone pizza (and don’t worry – I’m looking to change this this year!).

Adding to my discombobulation (great word, huh?) is the fact that my schedule is so out-of-whack right now! After being so dead tired last night, I let myself sleep in, didn’t run, and didn’t eat breakfast (!). I can’t wait until the group run put on by a local running store tomorrow night – I’m looking forward to both running my way around a new city, as well as meeting new people!


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Phillies! For the last time. Finding my feet.

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