Phillies! For the last time.

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So the last couple of days have been stressful, to say the least, and have been filled with so many food repeats and food travesties (and a sad number of dead camera batteries), that it just hasn’t been worth my time (or yours) to post.

Highlights of the past couple of days include a 10.5 mile run (comprised almost entirely of hills – my brother thought that it would be a “fun” route for me to go on) and eating at my favorite local pizza place, Peace a Pizza. Sadly, that was one of the days that I had no batteries in my camera, so I have no pictures of the wonders that were my Vegetarian Primavera Pizza (“tomato sauce, broccoli, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, pico de gallo, artichokes, sliced eggplant and mozzarella cheese with roasted red peppers and seasonings”) and Honey Bee Pizza (“tart honey lime dressing mixed with our unique BBQ sauce, breaded chicken tenders, a blend of mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses, smoked bacon, diced onions and plum tomatoes”). The vegetable pizza was pretty decent, but the Honey Bee was out of this world! Sweet and savory, chewy and crunchy – it was all the best contrasts that pizza can offer! I’m *very* sad to be leaving this pizza place behind…

While I’m sad to be leaving all the great food in this area, I am absolutely devastated to be leaving my Phillies behind! The Tigers don’t even play in the same league, so until October, my only opportunity to see “my boys” will be ESPN highlights and perhaps a nationally televised game or two. So I knew that I wanted to spend my last night (or second to last, as they’re not playing tonight) in Philadelphia at Citizen’s Bank Park.

As my brother is at school, I went with my Dad, who had just gotten back from taking my brothers to a Yankees game in New York! In my family, there’s no such thing as “doing too much”…!

I started my night with that great Philadelphia classic, the cheesesteak.

To me, cheesesteaks and Phillies baseball games are a match made in heaven – I grew up eating unlimited cheesesteaks in my dad’s company’s Superbox at Veteran’s Stadium. Geno’s and Pat’s are fine (actually, I’m more of a Jim’s person myself!), but to me there’s nothing better than a nameless ballpark cheesesteak. With lots and lots and lots of ketchup (and no cheese whiz – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!).

I also had to do it – buy my final Phillies helmet sundae.

Yes, that is a ridiculous amount of ice cream. Yes, I ate it all. And no, I have no regrets.

The best part of the night? The Phillies won!

It was the perfect night, and a perfect final game for me. Not that I’m not still sad…But rest assured, my brother who I’m moving with is also a Phillies fan, and we’re going to decorate our apartment up right!

Today has basically just been filled with packing, stress-eating (it’s not pretty), and a few final moments with the remaining family members – I’m really sad to leave, but so excited to start this new adventure!

I’m not sure when we’ll have the internet in the new place working, but I hope to be back soon…

Oh! And I have to say THANK YOU to Heather – I won her giveaway for a sample of Jay Robb’s Vanilla Rice Protein Powder! I’m in the market for some new protein powder, so I’m so excited to get to try this.

Thank you, Heather, for my first giveaway win!


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