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So, today I did something crazy. I was reading about all of these bloggers’ successes with long runs and training and such, so I registered to run a Half-Marathon on September 26! I registered for the “Run Woodstock” Hippie Half-Marathon, that takes place in Pinckney, MI. As I mentioned before, I just reached a PDR of 9.4 miles the other day – I’m looking to try to run somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12 miles for my long run this Wednesday.

I’m slightly nervous, but I’m really excited! I have to go research training plans and such, as I’ve never trained for any sort of run before, but I’m also excited for the opportunity to meet people in Ann Arbor this might provide. There’s a running club that meets twice a week in downtown Ann Arbor that’s affiliated with this race, so hopefully I’ll find a running partner or two! This is actually making me really excited to go to Michigan – I was really nervous and uninspired before, but now I actually have something to look forward to!

Today has been another lazy day (man, in a week, (hopefully) things will get more exciting, I promise!!). I did get up and run this morning, completing 3.83 miles in 33.44 (approx 8.45min/mile). The run actually felt pretty great, although there were a lot more hills than I had anticipated! I felt really strong, though, and definitely got a “runner’s high”, even though I didn’t accomplish anything out of the ordinary, which was definitely part of my half-marathon inspiration.

For breakfast I had nothing out of the ordinary – Greek yogurt with fruit, TJs Blueberry Muesli and flax.

I did some simple strength training (push-ups, bicycle crunches, plank twists and the likes) and stretched, and read a little bit before I was ready for lunch at around noon (yeah, I wasn’t kidding about the lazy lazy days). For lunch, there was more “getting rid of leftovers” – I ate a slice of the asiago cheese bread from last night with some of my raw cheddar, and my last eggplant stacker.

For “dessert”, I had a white peach and a piece of Hershey’s dark chocolate – yum!

After lunch I drove down to drop off a car at my brother’s workplace (he works at Staples), and then walked back – it was about a 15 minute walk.

1pm brought yet another Phillies game (I have to take advantage now – this week brings my last opportunity to watch my boys in real time!). During the game, I got such an intense craving for chips or other salty snacks – it must’ve been some sort of Pavlovian response to watching a baseball game! So I threw together this bowl of fun:

This afternoon my mom, my brother and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to look for dorm stuff for him – he leaves for college on Thursday! I can’t believe it – he’s four years younger than I am, and it seems like he should still have another few years in high school! He’s so much stranger than my 20 year old brother and I were; I think the only things he bought were a sheet set and a laundry bag. I definitely used college as an opportunity to get a lot of fun new things, but he doesn’t want a lot of “clutter” in his room (I think he’s half serious with this).

This brother is also the inventor of “Chipotle Monday” – during the school year, he and his friends would go to Chipotle for burritos every Monday, either during the day or after school. In honor of his last Monday at home, my mom, my brothers and I are going to go to Chipotle for dinner. We’re not leaving for awhile yet, though (another brother has Driver’s Ed), so I snacked on my leftover quinoa with cranberries and carrots and a hunk of farmer’s cheese to hold me over.

I can’t wait for Chipotle – I haven’t been there in forever! I love the salads with chicken, and I love the fact that they try to use natural, organic and free-range products when possible!


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