Decadent Dinner (and some lunch, too)

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So today definitely wasn’t as exciting as it was supposed to be, but at least the food was good (and the Phillies won with a history-making triple play!!) :)

At this point, my food’s gotten a little repetitive, and I fear it’s only going to get worse as the week goes on, so I apologize in advance. I’m moving in a week (oh my gosh, where has the time gone?! I’m so unprepared!) and so I need to get rid of all the food that can’t be easily transported during a 9 hour car ride…I guess that means I need stop buying food that can’t be transported during a 9 hour car ride as well…

My lunch was semi-recycled, using the pesto that I made yesterday, and the French Meadows Sprouted Bagels (still as amazing as they were before). I also roasted a yellow squash (which I cut into rounds and strips) in a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes – I sprinkled them with olive oil and a little rosemary seasoning. To the sandwich I also put on a little parmesan, basil leaves and some cucumber slices for some crunch.

On the side, I had a white peach that I got at the Farmer’s Market. This is the first summer I’ve ever had white peaches, and I can’t believe I’ve never had them before! In my opinion, they’re totally worth the extra 50cents that I paid for the quart – the flavor is so sweet and yet more subtle than a regular peach. Yum.

For dessert I had a slice of my zucchini bread. My is it moist…probably a little too moist. I think I’ll reserve my last zucchini to try this again, because now I really want to get it right!

My afternoon was taken up by catching up on blogs and the Phillies game, and by the time the game was finished, it was time to get ready for dinner. I made my kale salad (I left out the pine nuts and cranberries while it marinated), as well as a Wacky Mac pasta salad for my family. Wacky Mac is a “vegetable” pasta (made from semolina as well as tomato, spinach and beets) that’s colorful and fun – it’s a good pasta salad pasta.

“Wacky Mac” Pasta Salad

  • 1lb pasta (Wacky Mac or otherwise), cooked and drained
  • olive oil
  • ~1 cup sundried tomatoes, julienned
  • ~1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 head broccoli, stems removed
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • s&p to taste

Heat olive oil in large skillet. Add broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and red pepper and saute ~5 minutes, until broccoli is tender. Add garlic and cook ~2 minutes more, being careful not to burn the garlic. Add pasta to skillet, combine and cook a few minutes more, and remove from heat. Can be served warm or cold (is especially good when left to marinate). Serves 6 as a side.

My family was having burgers for dinner, so I threw my own Garden Herb Sunshine Burger on the grill, along with two slices asiago bread (one with some raw cheddar on top, one with some pesto) and two slices red bell pepper. They produced this beauty:

It was quite the decadent burger. Let’s see it again, this time with my salad as well:

Considering the beef burgers went up in flames (literally), I think I made the right dinner choice.

We were still celebrating my brother’s birthday today, and for dessert my mom made a cheesecake.

I had a generous slice:

Which I removed the topping from (it was some sort of weird sour cream stuff). I polished off the rest of it though – I absolutely love cheesecake.

And tomorrow begins my last full week in Philadelphia – I hope to bring an actual visit to Philly, some delicious eats, and maybe even another Phillies game…!!

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